Battery and operating range

Battery and operating range

Up to 130 km range

EDEN uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo) batteries that optimize the recharge time/yield/reliability. Thanks to this standardized technology, in which many manufacturers around the world have acquired good proficiency, EDEN batteries are guaranteed to maintain 80% of their capacity after 2,500 charging cycles.


The average Méhari user only travels a few dozen kilometers per day. With a range of up to 130 km, the EDEN’s electric motor is perfectly suitable for almost all conditions in which a Méhari is driven.

Like the fuel consumption of an internal-combustion vehicle,
the range of an EDEN depends on 4 variables:

If you’re a Zen-like driver (anticipating stops by taking your foot of the accelerator rather than braking, using less hard acceleration, etc.), you’ll soon see your self-sufficiency increase on your charge meter.