Customise your Eden

Customise your EDEN

Want some customisation?

A wide range of colours and materials offers you thousands of different combinations to freely customise your EDEN.

1. Choose your colour for the bodywork

  • Mass-dyed bodywork painting with anti-scratch and anti-UV treatments (choice of matte, satin or gloss finish).
  • 6 available colours: Tibesti Green – Montana Green – Atacama Yellow – Kirghiz Orange – Hoggar Beige – Azur Model

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Vert Tibesti (Tibesti Green)

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Vert Montana (Montana Green)

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Jaune Atacama (Atacama Yellow)

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Orange Kirghiz (Kyrgyz Orange)

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Beige Hoggar (Hoggar Beige)

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Modèle Azur (Azur Pattern)

2. Choose your trim and car seat covers

More than 19 colours and materials available for your seats

Black mesh skai fabric

Chocolate mesh skai fabric

Brown mesh skai fabric

Black skai fabric

Royal blue skai fabric

Dark gray skai fabric

Yellow skai fabric

Lagoon green skai fabric

White skai fabric

White/blue stripes skai fabric

White/green stripes skai fabric

White/yellow stripes skai fabric

White/red stripes skai fabric

White/orange stripes skai fabric

White/gray stripes skai fabric

White/brown stripes skai fabric

France 3 fabric

Denim fabric

Choice of 5 models of terry cloth seat cover sets
(2 front seats + rear seat) to be positioned on your seats for more comfort:

3. Choose your colour for the tarpaulins and doors

  • Set of tarpaulins including roof covers, side tarpaulins and rear tarpaulin that are entirely removable.
  • Removable doors made of tarpaulin-like material without lock.
  • Spare wheel cover matching with the colour of the tarpaulins.
  • 10 available colours: White – Navy Blue – Gitane Blue – Warm Grey – Yellow – Brown – Black – Orange – Red – Green

4. Add your personal touch

Seat belt customisation


Hood strap customisation


Rims customisation


Original grey wheel rim


Azur wheel rim


Steering wheel customisation

Double spoke steering wheel

Wooden riveted steering wheel


Gear knob customisation

Black plastic knob

Wooden knob


Pictures by ikonoto. Your customized CITROËN on