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This site is a work of which “2CV MEHARI CLUB CASSIS” is considered to be the author in compliance with articles L. 111.1 and following of the French Intellectual Copyright Code. All photographs, text, slogans, illustrations, images, animated sequences (with and without sound track) that make up the site are the property of “2CV MEHARI CLUB CASSIS” or of third parties who have authorised “2CV MEHARI CLUB CASSIS” to use them. All logos, icons and graphics used on the site are protected by copyright in compliance with articles L.511.1 and following of the Intellectual Copyright Code relating to the protection of declared models. The reproduction, on paper or otherwise, of the site and any elements reproduced therein is authorised provided that this is strictly for personal use and excludes all use for advertising and/or commercial and/or informative reasons and/or if this is in compliance with article L 122-5 of the Intellectual Copyright Code. Outside of the dispositions provided above, all reproduction, representation, use or modification of any or all of the elements which make up this web-site by any means and on any media whatsoever without prior authorisation from “2CV MEHARI CLUB CASSIS“, is strictly forbidden and will be legally considered as an act of counterfeiting.

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The data-bases are protected by the Law dated 1st July 1998 and French copyright law.

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In compliance with article 27 of the 78-17 ordinance relating to the Freedom of Information dated January 1978, you may have access to all messages that you have left on this site and correct any data that concerns you by writing to: 2CV MEHARI CLUB CASSIS – Quartier le Bregadan – BP 19 – 13260 CASSIS – Tel. 04 42 01 07 68

Message confidentiality:

We would like to inform you that we cannot guarantee the privacy of any correspondence sent via the internet. As a result of this each user is the sole responsible for the contents of their correspondence. In addition to this, if you wish to send a message privately, we suggest that you use the postal system.


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