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Eden options and accessories

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EASY automatic gearbox: €990 including VAT

logo-easyChoose the EASY automatic gearbox for optimal driving pleasure.

Like all vehicles with an automatic gearbox, the EDEN EASY doesn’t have a clutch pedal. To stay faithful to EDEN’s vintage spirit, the gear change lever has been conserved, but is only used to select forward or reverse on the vehicle.

For flexibility and to make the vehicle adaptable to every type of road, the EDEN EASY has two differential ratios that can be engaged manually (when the vehicle is at standstill):

  • one low ratio for crossing obstacles and difficult terrain;
  • one high ratio for normal use.

Colored bodywork paint


Traditional Méhari shades: €1,950 including VAT

  • Paintwork in deep-dyed bodywork with scratch-protection and UV protection treatments (matte, satin or gloss finish, as per your choice).
  • 6 color options: Tibesti Green – Montana Green – Atacama Yellow – Kyrgyz Orange – Hoggar Beige – Azur Pattern

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Vert Tibesti (Tibesti Green)

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Vert Montana (Montana Green)

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Jaune Atacama (Atacama Yellow)

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Orange Kirghiz (Kyrgyz Orange)

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Beige Hoggar (Hoggar Beige)

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Modèle Azur (Azur Pattern)

Custom shade: €2,500 including VAT

  • Paintwork on bodywork with UV-protection treatment (matte, satin or gloss finish, as per your choice).
  • Custom color to order, with possibility of different grille and bodywork bottom color.



Tops & Doors


Complete set of Eden hoods and doors: €1,000 including VAT

  • Special set of hood covers including fully-removable hood side panel and rear hood cover.
  • Removable doors in fabric material without lock.
  • Spare wheel cover matching hoods color.
  • 10 colors available: White – Navy Blue – Gypsy Blue – Mouse Gray – Yellow – Brown – Black – Orange – Red – Green

Top and door customization (special print): cost estimate

Customized top and doors with pattern print or special colors: contact us

Some customization examples:


Miscellaneous equipment


Front and rear bumper set – small black model: €260 including VAT

Seat cover set: from €150 including VAT

Seat cover set in foam-backed fabric (2 front seats + rear bench seat): €150 including VAT
5 models available: white/blue – white/yellow – white/green – Gray – Black

Seat cover set in velvet fabric (2 front seats + rear bench seat): €220 including VAT

Dual USB connectors: €100 including VAT

Dual USB connectors on dashboard – location as per customer’s choice.

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